Sold                           Sold                                 Sold                             
       Sold                                     Sold                         Sold
      Sold                             Sold                                   Sold                                    Sold                              
      Justin Techno Black Crepe Boots                           NEW
                  Sold                                           For Sale  Size 36- 38
    For Sale Showmanship Outfit  Used but in excellant conditon !                                                       

                      Bust:28-30                                     Pants                                 
                      Sleeve Length: 20"                  Waist: 24"
                      Shoulder: 14"                         Ouside Length: 26"
                      Back length: 23"                     Inside Length:

Womens Luchesse Boots  Size: 8 1/2
   Worn only 2 times  SOLD
                   For Sale:  Bust 32-34  
Sold  Thanks! Sam Julien

      SOLD Thanks Joan!

  Womens Ariat Boots  Size 8 1/2   
               Like New  sold
                  SOLD  Thanks Patti !

                         Thanks Lori !                                         And Good Luck at Rodeo Queen Finals !!
       Geri of Weatherford Texas

         Both sizes ~ Congratrulations!
   Toni of  Minnesota & Jill of Michigan!!
         Have a Great 2011Show Season



       Thanks Liz Strack of New Zealand!
         Have a great 2011 Show Season
         SOLD Thanks Jeanie
         Lexington Strapless Helmet
                 Size 7 
            Excellent Condition
.                          NEW  ~ SOLD 
                   Jody of Witchita Texas
  Lexington Strapless Helmet
              Size: 7 1/4    
   Sold ~ Thanks! Julie of Canada
                        *NEW*  SOLD
                       Dawn of Wisconsin
             Best Wishes in the 2011 Show season

                 * NEW* SOLD
                Sandy of North Dakota
                    Congratulations !
                   Deb  of Canada
     Best Wishes in the 2011 Show Season
              Katie of Wisconsin
   Best Wishes in the 2011 Show Season
              Pam of Wisconsin
Best Wishes in the 2011 Show Season
    Congratulations! Amanda of Canada
            Have a wonderful Show season!


                      Lisa of Michigan
        Best Wishes in the  2011 Show Season
                     Kaylee of Iowa
Have a Safe & Successful 2011 Show Season

                      Congratulations !
                    Kayla of Wisconsin
       Best Wishes in the 2011 Show season
    NEW  SOLD Bust Size 38-40
email me
                New: SOLD
     Congratulations Carmen!
              Of Wisconsin
    Have agreat Show season
                     SOLD to Washington
Wintec English Saddle in Excellent condition
16 1/2" seat Breast Collar and Bridle included
                   Great Buy
       Shipping prices depends on location

   Bust Size 36 
            NEW SOLD    Iowa bound!
       Mark-Congrats to your daughter!

Bust Size 34 
Bust Size 32-34  
                                         NEW for 2012

       Crystal Earrings   $12.00  a pair     $3.00 Shipping

       20mm                 More colors to come!

                  NEW    For Sale
   Womens Size 36-38  Flared at hips
         Sale  Shipping Included                   
          ( regular sleeve - no cuffs )
                   Womens Size  32-34
        Congratulations Mary!!
  Best of luck at the AQHA Shows!
           Cassie's new pleasure shirt!
Have a safe & Successful 2012 Show Season!
           Haley's new Pleasure Shirt!
Have a safe & successful 2012 Show Season!

       SOLD   Congratulations  Toni!
Have a great Show Season!  Thanks
Necklaces in Clear- Clear AB and Black Silver
$12.00  Shipping $3  Will conbine shipping
   Magnetic Back Tag Holders
            Set of 4 magnets
               $20 Shipped
Colors: Clear- AB Clear- Black Silver
     Pleasure Shirt Bust Size 38-40
        Congratulations Mary!!
    Have a great Show Season!  
  New For Sale
              FOR SALE 
  Chocolate cuff and collar
  Thanks Susan Of Oregon!
       Good luck in 2013
Plus Size Womens Vest   SOLD
  Browns Cream Black Rust
NEW For Sale  Pleasure Shirt  Size 38
      New   For Sale  Size 40-42
       Shipping Included!
                  NEW  SOLD 
        Thanks Jan of Canada! 
  Have a great 2013 Show Season!
           NEW  2013   For Sale
                  Size 38-40
         Bling Earrings Included!
                    A.   New For Sale  
                            Size 38
                 NEW For Sale
                      Size 38
              Size 10 Petite
                          Size 16 Petite
    Shirts are fitted to body shape and have stretch!
                 Size 12
                 Size 12
                12 Petite
                 Sizes 4-18
  Crystals can be added to any shirt

   Solid colored Bling Pleasure Shirts       

$70  Shipped  with Bling
$45  Shipped  w/o Bling

Colors Vary depending on availability!

Madrid Purple  Size 12
                       Size 14

White                  All sizes   
Black                  All sizes

Mellon/Coral        Size 10 &14

Dark Mint             Size 16 petite

Hot Pink               Size   4,6,8,10 &16

New colors to arrive soon! And ask for more colors and sizes I get them in regular!

Yellow is available w/out cuffs same price

               Congrats Kayla !
  Have a Super 2013 show Season!!
Look for Kayla at the POA 2013 Nationals!!!
           SOLD   Vest   Size 42-44
             Womens   Size 8
    Womens Vest Size 36-38  SOLD
      Shirt sold seperately
          Womens Vest Size 38-40
                 Fabric has stretch!
    Good Luck Kayla Gertschen  at the
             2013 POA Nationals !!

                         Vest 38-40
     For Sale
   Have a Safe & Successful 2013
  show season Susan of Oregon!
   Hot Pink                 Mint                       Black                Forest               Chocolate             Burgandy
  Dark Grey             Kelley                   Sand                     Lt   Blue                   Lilac                   Lime                         Navy
     Mid Blue              Natural                Orange                Lt. Pink                 Purple                  Red                        Royal
      Silver                      Yellow                 Turqouise              White
            Oxford shirts come in size 8-26

Please allow 2-3 weeks for this brand of shirt